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When you see the pictures, you’ll go “Oohhh I remember them!” The pictures in question feature two sisters who were posing for photos for a new app that was about to make a lot of commotion in the app and social media worlds.

The app in question is Snapchat, an app which you probably just checked on your phone two minutes ago. So, what do some random sisters (Sarah and Elizabeth Turner) have to do with Snapchat?

Think back to the first photos you saw of Snapchat; you know, the ones with the two girls playing around on the beach. Yeah, those are the sisters we’re talking about.

Think back to the first photos you saw of Snapchat; you know, the ones with the two girls playing around on the beach. Yeah, those are the sisters we’re talking about.

The thing is, some of the pictures – taken in 2011 – made the girls look topless and before long the Internet had deemed them the “Snapchat Sluts”. Obviously, the girls weren’t very fond of their new nickname.

Fast forward three years and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has just been handed a lawsuit (after just settling another suit with co-founder Reggie Brown) from the sisters, claiming they never got paid for modeling and that Snapchat’s reputation as a sexting app had damaged their personal image.

How has their reputation been damaged? Well, when you Google Image search “Snapchat Sluts”, their photos come up, and some porn will grace your computer screen as well.

Yeah, that can’t look good on a resume.

We all know Snapchat is a great tool for sexting, what with the content being deleted forever after a few seconds, but is it really Snapchat’s fault for making the girls look bad? For one, they do look topless in some of the pics, and it’s a possibility the photos were edited afterward to make it appear so.

Snapchat’s reputation as the premier sexting app sure doesn’t do Evan Spiegel any favors in this case. But the thing is, it’s been up to the users of Snapchat to dictate what the app will be used for.

Turns out, they take a whole lot of nudes. When you think about it, though, is Snapchat at fault for creating an app that would be unofficially centered on sharing ephemeral nudes, which then damaged the reputation of two sisters who modeled for the app’s initial marketing campaign?

Think about it this way; a car manufacturer shouldn’t be sued because the people who bought their cars used them to race, and they all crashed and died. Sad, but the car manufacturer isn’t at fault here.

Same thing goes for Snapchat; sorry Turner sisters, but your case isn’t looking too strong. What else do they have against Spiegel and Co.?

Oh yeah, the whole “we never got paid” deal. Turner gals, let me stop you right here.

I’m going to ask you girls a question: can you read? My guess is your response will be, “Ugh, reading… I can’t even!”

If you could read, you’d have noticed from the beginning that you’ll never get paid. Ever.

But wait, there’s more!

Evan Spiegel, on no fault of his own, made a mistake that he would never have been able to fix unless he could see into the future: the contract the girls signed was meant to promote an app called “Picaboo”, not Snapchat, and only for the iPhone.

Picaboo, as it was known, was only on iOS, and not Android as well, as it is now.

This part of the contract is very clear and specific; in the legal realm, that’s a huge hole for the Turner sisters’ lawyers to exploit.

Nowadays, Snapchat is called Snapchat, not Picaboo. The contract only mentions Picaboo, as it had not been changed to Snapchat yet.

Technicalities can be a real bitch sometimes.

The Turner sisters may win this one, and all because Evan Spiegel eventually changed the name of his app. If it were still called Picaboo, the girls wouldn’t have a very strong case.

So, to recap, two sisters have sued Snapchat because it made them look bad, and they want some money for the free modeling gig they did a few years ago.

I can see them winning the argument about Snapchat harming their reputations and causing them emotional distress, but wanting money from their little day as models doesn’t seem realistic. Yeah, the contract they signed only mentioned ads for Picaboo on iPhone, but as a people, wanting all this extra money is just taking advantage of the situation to try to get a massive payday.

Hey ladies, greediness doesn’t look very good on you. You come out with a suit claiming defamation, which could get you a nice check, but now you want even more money after the modeling gig you did for free?

Looks like you’re hurting your own reputations.

Regardless if they win, Snapchat’s reputation will remain the same. Everyone knows what Snapchat is really meant for, and no one really cares; it’s not hurting anyone.

If people didn’t use Snapchat for sexting, the Turner sisters would have nothing on Snapchat and the case would be probably be dismissed. The deal about the ads being only for Picaboo on iPhone is the only tricky part, and I’m not legally proficient enough (or at all) to delve into that.

Snapchat’s legal team could argue that Picaboo and Snapchat are one in the same (all Spiegel did was change the name of the app), but the fact that it isn’t called Picaboo anymore could be what helps the Turner lawyers win the case.

Either way, two girls were asked to model for an app for free and agreed to do so. The app later got a new name, became a giant success, and three years after the fact, these girls come running, demanding money.

Ladies, you really think your reputation will be improved after all of this? You used to be known to some people as the Snapchat Sluts, but now I think you’re the Greedy Money Mongrels Who Tried To Get Paid Three Years After Signing A Free Modeling Contract And Want Money Now That The App Is A Monumental Success.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is ever going to think highly of these sisters.

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