Story #1: We take so many selfies it’s almost stupid. We are all consumed with being up to date with the newest trends or seeing what our friends are up to, and love to show off new styles or even share a selfie just ‘cause. None of our selfies carry any real weight; we aren’t improving anyone’s lives by posting a selfie on our Snapchat Stories.

We are all consumed with being up to date with the newest trends or seeing what our friends are up to.

But there was one organization, not a person, who created selfies that really matter. The World Wildlife Fund ran a campaign about a year ago called #LastSelfie which raised awareness for endangered animals. It’s pretty cool how an organization used social media in such an awesome way, and one that will stay in teenagers’ minds beyond the next tweet or Facebook post. This campaign was intended to show how close we are to losing some precious animals forever, and using Snapchat to do it makes it even more memorable.

These “selfies” are much more powerful than any selfie any one of us will ever take. Through this campaign the WWF is showing us how things in real life are fading away, and opens our eyes to serious issues around us. By tapping into what consumes most of our free time, the WWF has shown us something that requires a bit of attention. Hopefully this campaign sparked something more than just a whimper from us, and hopefully that’s not the last time we hear from these endangered animals.

Story #2: Kids these days… Or more like, “teenage murderers these days…” This story requires an hour-long face palm. Recently, a 16 year old named Maxwell Marion Morton was charged with murdering one of his classmates, who was also 16. What makes this story so crazy? Besides the fact that a teenager killed someone, this kid posted a selfie of himself and the victim on Snapchat. Talk about a selfie really spoiling your day.

Dude… If you’re gonna commit a crime, let alone one this serious, DO NOT ADVERTISE THAT YOU DID IT. You’ll be caught faster than it takes for a snap to fade away into the virtual cosmos. Luckily, someone screenshotted the photo and their mother took it to the cops. Maxwell ended up getting arrested (of course) and he confessed to the murder.

Confessing was the only smart thing Maxwell did, but that doesn’t come close to making up for what he did. There’s a parent who no longer has her child. He’s gone. And for what? Street cred? Bro, you’re not gonna be on the streets for a loooonnnnngggg time so I think that “cred” is gonna fade out. Just like you wish your snap fail had done.

Story #3: If you’re reading this and you happen to be a banking executive, make sure that this gets into your brain; it’ll save your job.

The Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland (we know he’s rich) is gonna have to leave his job at the end of this month. I know what you’re thinking, how is some old dude related to Snapchat? Well, for some reason, and personally I think its weird, but he has a Snapchat, and he uses it to send snaps to his daughter. For example, he sent one with his mug and the caption “another friggin meeting”. He sends snaps like that. Pretty tame. So how did he lose his job? Well, his daughter screenshotted those snaps and posted them to her Instagram account for all to view for ever and ever and ever.

These eventually got into the hands of his superiors at the bank, and they decided it wasn’t a good idea to have their chairman taking snaps saying how much his job sucks. Honestly, he can never work again and be more than well off. I mean, his checks invoke the word popularized by Patrick Star: WUMBO. This guy recently got a 4.3 million dollar bonus! He’s stacked. I mean, he has no job, but he’s stacked.

Moral of the story? If you’re older than 30, get the hell off Snapchat. You have more important shit to do. No one wants to see your wrinkly mug anyway. And secondly, if you send a snap to your kids, don’t let them put it up on other social media where things last much, much longer than 10 seconds. It might cost you another 4 million dollar bonus. That should be WUMBO enough for you.